Best Wedding Gift

Best Wedding Gift

It is that time of year when a wedding invite might pop through the door, a time to share a celebration of love. However, many people are left thinking, what is the best wedding gift? How much should I spend? Should a wedding gift be traditional, or should I give money? Perhaps you are invited but cannot attend, what is the gift etiquette then?

 Many couples compile a wedding list or registry to help family and friends select an appropriate or useful gift, these should include items to suit all budgets.

 It is not unusual for couples to already live together, therefore the need to purchase every small items is reduced. If they have not made a home together, they may well have two separate homes to combine.

It is not uncommon for many couples to have specific requirements, they may have a particular style, or be looking to replace larger items or hope to keep a low carbon footprint, suggesting sustainable gifts.

At Ava Innes we think we have an ideal solution; our award-winning cashmere guard hair and wool duvets and Scottish wool pillows encased in organic cotton are the perfect wedding gift.

They are contemporary products made with a circular economy in mind, meeting the sustainability requirements for today’s conscious couples.  

Ava Innes bedding is sustainable luxury, 100% natural, and made in the UK.With 93% of Ava Innes customers sleeping better, what a great gift to give to the happy couple.

We can offer flexible payments through Klarna, multi-guest payments, or gift vouchers which can be sold individually or from a collective to allow the happy couple to make their own preferred purchase.

The Gift of a Good Night’s Sleep is a gift that keeps on giving.