Luxury. Cashmere. Sleep.

Sleeping under cashmere is as good as it sounds in every way.

Welcome to Ava Innes, a new Scottish brand with a passion for cashmere, sustainability and luxury with a conscience. We are delighted to offer you luxury duvets, pillows and cashmere accessories, all proudly made in the UK. Our duvets and pillows are unique, filled with the dream blend of cashmere guard hair and wool, naturally weighted giving the ultimate balance of warmth, weight and breathability. Browse our collection and hear our story…

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Ava Innes Collection Duvets, Pillows and Cashmere Accessories


Luxury cashmere guard hair and lambswool pillows -for more than a good nights sleep.

Firm, full and soft pillows filled with the long haired fibre from the cashmere goat and a touch of British lambswool, encased in Organic Cotton.

A unique product, especially for you

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Deeper sleep under a luxury cashmere guard hair duvet.

Experience the ultimate in luxury bedding. Naturally weighted duvets, gives you the perfect balance of luxury, warmth and breathability.

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Cashmere Accessories

More than a touch of cashmere.

Ava Innes cashmere accessories are woven in the finest mills in Scotland. From 100% cashmere hot water bottle covers to the softest cashmere bed throws, offering you the ultimate cashmere experience in the bedroom.

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Our Very Special Fibre

The natural choice- enjoy peace of mind, as well as peaceful sleep.

Ava Innes offers the first duvet and pillows made using the long haired fibre from the cashmere goat, manufactured in Yorkshire.

Using our very own small batch process, this lustrous fibre will keep you cool in summer and warm in winter.

An Ava Innes duvet breathes while you sleep!

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AVA INNES - So much more than a good night’s sleep

Enjoy peace of mind, as well as peaceful sleep with AVA INNES.
Choose AVA INNES to help ensure a good night’s sleep for yourself and to support our own local textile industry. All AVA INNES duvets and pillows are created in Scotland and crafted in Yorkshire.

At AVA INNES, luxury is defined by the quality and sustainability of the natural materials we source, the processes we use and the relationships we forge. Every exquisite inch of your perfectly layered, cashmere bedding starts and ends with the integrity of nature.



Julie, Alternative Therapist.

Clients are slipping into a deeper tranquil state. They also felt that the duvet cocooned around the body perfectly, they felt well-protected and “in heaven”.

Julie, Alternative Therapist.

Dr. Dempster, Physician.

I like a warm duvet but my husband detests being hot at night, so I expected him to hate it. To our surprise we both found that the duvet suited us – I was very warm and toasty and my husband was just right.

Dr. Dempster, Physician.

Mr & Mrs Rice.

We liked the fact that the duvet had an equal spread of filling. We both absolutely loved it and slept very well. Thank you for allowing us to trial your beautiful product and can’t wait for this to go on the market, we will be first in the queue……….

Mr & Mrs Rice.