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We take pride in our craft and selection of materials and believe deeply in our process. We offer a guarantee on all of our products. Our team personally tries all of our products and swears by them ... and we hope you do too!

• 100% natural products

• Ethically sourced ingredients

• Money-back guarantee

Ava Innes duvets offer a better night’s sleep, due to their unique natural composition of layers of cashmere guard hair and Scottish wool, encased in certified organic cotton. The duvets are naturally weighted, breathable and temperature regulating. Developed by our founder Joan Johnston, this combination is unique and patent protected by Ava Innes.

Cashmere comes from the cashmere goat. Few know that only 30% of the fleece brushed from the goat is used in luxury cashmere products. Cashmere guard hair is the longer hair which protects the soft undercoat and has been ignored by the traditional textile industry as it is too straight to knit or weave with. 

At Ava Innes, we recognise the value of its luxurious warmth, breathability and naturally weighted comfort. It is ideal for bedding, especially when blended with the best quality Scottish wool.

We believe we offer a great product and this is why…

1.     Customers approved for a great night’s sleep

Our customers tell us they are sleeping better under our duvets and pillows. The combination of being natural weighted whilst temperature regulating, all helps for a better night’s sleep.

2.     The choice of fibre filling. 

Our unique layered blend of cashmere guard hair and wool brings a natural gentle warmth to your bed. The fibre is recognised for its moisture wicking qualities, keeping you cool as you sleep. 

3.     Even coverage

Our duvets are layered so you get an even temperature throughout. The special layered process we use ensures the fibres stay in place year after year. Compared with Feather duvets, feathers are loose and often sink to the bottom of each pocket creating cold spots and ultimately a disturbed night’s sleep.

4.     Sustainable credentials

Our duvets are fully biodegradable, as all our ingredients are natural. Cheaper duvets using man-made fibres are often filled with micro fibres (a form of plastic), which can take years to degrade. We use a special certified organic cotton for the outer casing of our duvets and pillows.

5.     Allergies

Some people are allergic to feather and down duvets. Feathers have been associated with dust mites and actually it is the faeces that has the strong allergen. Our dry clean fibre does not attract bed bugs and mites..

6.     Support UK manufacturing

All our products are made in the UK. Our duvets and pillows are made by a small family business in Yorkshire, while our 100% cashmere is sourced from the best Scottish mills and hand finished in Scotland.

We believe in making a quality product in the UK - this may seem expensive to some. There will always be cheaper products made overseas, but we believe our credentials speak for themselves.

Our duvets and pillows are made in Yorkshire in a small family business paying fair wages, employing local people and made in a clean environment. Using a series of processes the skilled workers make in small batches and pride themselves on the quality of the product.

Our cashmere guard hair is brought directly through a merchant who is UK based and has been trading in cashmere with Afghanistan for over 30 years. They support the Afghanistan Sustainable Agriculture Program. In addition, we source a first-grade Scottish wool as well as a certified organic cotton woven in Europe.

There will always be cheaper options available on the high street, however quality and ethics will always be the driver for the products we offer.

Wool is naturally fire-resistant. Wool does not ignite easily, it does not melt or stick to the skin, it gives off less smoke and toxic gases, in the event of a fire. Wool is the perfect textile for bedding and interiors.

Our fibre has been treated so that the duvets and pillows can be washed or dry cleaned. We do not recommend too much washing as this can change the nature of the filling over time. Natural sunlight is the best way to ensure your bedding stays fresh. Ideally hang outside on a sunny day. You will love the fresh smell when you climb into bed that night.

Without exception, all our manufacturing is in the UK. Our unique duvet and pillows are made in Yorkshire in a traditional mill. The cashmere we buy for our accessories range is from Johnstons of Elgin and a local Moray seamstress does all our finishing. We are aware that if we manufactured abroad, we could produce a cheaper product, but at Ava Innes, we believe our customers value a product that supports local manufacturing, and we consider the quality of the product is superior as it is not mass-produced and the Mill and factory are invested in their local economy.

We can make to any size and hold stocks of all the standard UK sizes. Single, Double, King, and Super King, in three different weights.

We also provide a system for companion duvets where a single can be tied on top to create an extra layer if you or your companion prefer more heat or weight.

We manufacture in the UK in small batches and can make any size to order.

Ava Innes is always available to discuss bespoke requirements.

Cashmere guard hair and wool are fibres that are continually grown and shed/clipped annually, this is a natural cycle.

All cotton used is certified organic.

All the fillings used are natural and long-lasting yet are fully compostable at the end of life.

No man-made fibres or plastics are used.

Ava Innes supports local manufacturing.

Scottish wool - Supports British farming.

Ava Innes send back a percentage of profit to Afghan Woman’s Aid.

Our most recent commitment is with One Tree Planted – a non-profit environmental charity on a mission of global reforestation. Choose to plant a tree with your order or we will we do this on your behalf.

We use recycled cardboard packaging wherever possible.

Carbon footprint transparency

Working to a circular economy business model

Committed to continual exploration of additional or new ways to implement further sustainability practise into our business.

It is not necessary to dry clean your duvet. If it requires a deep clean and you prefer to use the dry cleaners then we would recommend looking for a professional dry cleaner that usesGreenEarth®  as this is kinder to the environment, your duvet and you.


Our fibre filling is naturally hypoallergenic and breathable, which means it resists dust mites and mould growth that are common irritants found in synthetic and feather bedding.Some people are allergic to animal hair / fibre and therefore should check this out before purchasing.

Traditional cotton has a reputation as the dirtiest crop in the world, if a cotton product is super cheap then we can be sure it has cost someone else dearly.

Organic farms are regulated to support the farmers and give them a fair price for their crops.

The farmers nurture their land, using crop rotation, to strengthen the soil which in turn requires 88% less water, 62% less energy and creates 46% fewer greenhouse gases.

No pesticides, insecticides orherbicides used, protecting the soil, the air, the local lives, and the end-user.

Local workforce hand weed and pick, providing regular healthy employment.

No harmful chemicals or dyes are used, ensuring the end product has no residual dangerous contaminants.

Organic cotton is environmentally friendly, animal-friendly and people-friendly.

Ava Innes bedding cannot magic away your menopause symptoms (unfortunately.) However, due to our unique fibre’s amazing natural temperature regulating properties our duvets will not exasperate your hot flushes like synthetic fibres and feather. Our customers recognise the temperature regulating nature of our duvets.

It is important to choose the right weight for you.

The fibre’s breathability means keeping you warm or cool, as your temperature fluctuates overnight and importantly wicking away any moisture. Additionally, the duvet will perform equally well for two individuals sleeping under the same duvet, even if one sleeps hot and the other cool.

An Ava Innes duvet is an investment piece, the fibre we use is strong and long-lasting and if it is sympathetically cared for and not accidentally damaged there is no reason this duvet could not last a lifetime.

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