Baby & Children's Wool Cot Bed Duvet, 4 Tog
Baby & Children's Wool Cot Bed Duvet, 4 Tog
Baby & Children's Wool Cot Bed Duvet, 4 Tog
Baby & Children's Wool Cot Bed Duvet, 4 Tog
Baby & Children's Wool Cot Bed Duvet, 4 Tog
Baby & Children's Wool Cot Bed Duvet, 4 Tog
Baby & Children's Wool Cot Bed Duvet, 4 Tog
Baby & Children's Wool Cot Bed Duvet, 4 Tog
Baby & Children's Wool Cot Bed Duvet, 4 Tog

Baby & Children's Wool Cot Bed Duvet, 4 Tog

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  • 93% sleeping better
  • Temperature regulating
  • Certified organic cotton
  • Machine washable
  • Made in UK

Baby Duvet: 100cm x 120cm
Child Duvet: 120cm x 140cm 

Perfect for: Babies and toddlers aged 0-3 using a cot, or cot bed. 

Imagined in the pure air of the Scottish Highlands, Ava Innes helps you to unlock the secrets of quality sleep.

The breathable, temperature regulating, and hypoallergenic qualities of our duvets make it a number one choice for babies and young children. Little ones don’t have their own temperature regulating abilities, making temperature responsive properties in bedding extra important for infants. With no polyfibres or dyes, you can rest assured that the most important person in the household is sleeping under nothing but the kindest, completely natural, and carefully handmade bedding there is.

  • Total peace of mind: natural and temperature regulating
  • 100% Scottish Cheviot wool 
  • Slightly weighted, aiding deep rest 
  • Encased in certified organic cotton
  • Machine washable

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Gently weighted 
Experience a sense of reassurance that comes from a naturally weighted duvet, offering a grounding feeling that helps to instantly calm and relax you. 

Sleeping naturally 
Washable, naturally odour resistant, hypoallergenic and natural fibres that are recognised as being resistant to bed mites and bugs.

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Filled with:

100% British Wool, encased in certified Organic Cotton with horizontal straight stitching.






Baby's Duvet: 100cm x 120cm with horizontal stitching

Child's Duvet: 120cm x 140cm with horizontal stitching

Made in:


How to clean:

Washable and can be dry cleaned.

Size (cm) Size (in)

Single Duvet

135cm x 200cm

53in x 78in

Double Duvet

200cm x 200cm

78in x 78in

King Duvet

230cm x 220cm

90.5in x 86in

Super King Duvet

260cm x 220cm

102in x 86in

US Queen

240cm x 230cm

94.5in x 90.5in

US King

270cm x 230cm

106in x 90.5in

Our cashmere guard and wool duvets are made from regenerative and sustainable natural fibres. 

British Wool certified, the wool we use travels under 200 miles from farms in the Scottish Borders to the family-run mill where our duvets are lovingly made and finished by hand, encased in certified organic cotton. 

We are the first to value the properties of cashmere guard hair, saving this precious natural fibre from by-product status. 

Every detail of the manufacturing process is considered. The sways of the curves echo the meandering rivers of Scotland, representing our commitment to sustainable practices and ways of making rooted in nature.

Once you've had the best life out of your Ava Innes product, you can safely allow it to decompose in your compost heap without worrying about microfibres or pollution.

Ava Innes is currently seeking B-Corp status. 

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If you have bought something and have changed your mind, we will accept returns under certain criteria. For health and safety reasons, it is important that the bedding is returned exactly as it was sent to you, unused and in the same packaging, otherwise a refund cannot be made. Please email us in the first instance at and we will provide returns instruction.

For more information on Returns please see our Refund Policy at the bottom of the page.

Why choose cashmere guard hair and wool duvets?

Cashmere guard hair and wool are ideal for bedding. They are naturally antimicrobial, breathable, hypoallergenic, temperature regulating, and are regenerative natural fibres. At Ava Innes we believe sleep is the foundation of good health and wellbeing, which is why we only choose the best quality natural fibres encased in soft organic cotton for our duvets.  

Did you know that undyed cashmere and wool is a great source of nitrogen for your garden? Once you no longer need this duvet, the wool filing can be composted rather than going to landfill. 

I have allergies, is your bedding suitable?

Allergies associated with bedding often come from feathers which are more attractive to bed bugs and mites. Cashmere and wool is naturally hypoallergenic and breathable, which means they resist dust mites and mould growth that are common irritants found in synthetic and feather bedding.

Some people are allergic to animal hair and fibres, and therefore should look into this before purchasing. Research has shown that allergies of this kind are as a result of the lanolin found in animal fibres. All of the fibres we use have had their lanolin removed. Please feel free to contact our team if you have further questions.

Are your duvets fire retardant?

Cashmere and wool is naturally fire-resistant. The filing for our duvets and pillows have achieved BS 5852: Part 2: 1982 of the Furniture & Furnishings (Fire) (Safety) Regulations 1988.

What are the benefits of cashmere guard hair and wool duvets?

Cashmere guard hair and wool are renewable natural fibres famed for thermoregulatory qualities, this means our duvets will keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Wool naturally allows air to circulate, inhibiting the growth of any bacteria and mould. As such, our duvets are ideal for those living with conditions such as asthma or eczema. 

Is a wool duvet better than down?

We believe cashmere and wool are better than feathers or down for two reasons. It helps regulate your body temperature which is one of the main reasons why people wake in the night, and its antimicrobial properties also inhibit allergens caused from mites and mould. We are dedicated to using the most natural, responsible and environmentally friendly materials possible. Wool and Cashmere are amongst the most sustainable, natural fibres available as they are renewable and biodegradable. 

Why should I choose a weighted duvet?

There is a sense of reassurance that comes from a naturally weighted duvet. People have been using wool quilts and duvets through the centuries for their comfort to sleep under. The weighted properties of wool helps stimulate sleep by instantly calming and relaxing the body, promoting sleep hormones. 

Voted Best Summer Duvet

"There’s premium, then there’s Ava Innes duvets. This duvet kept us temperate all night. We didn’t break a sweat once. We loved that this duvet really did provide the perfect night’s sleep. We found this duvet beautifully lightweight – like sleeping under a cloud. The profile is relatively low, too, but we still felt snug and secure underneath it. Incredibly, you can wash these duvets or have them dry cleaned, however, just hanging them out in the sunshine naturally cleanses them. How eco-friendly is that?"

Voted Best Winter Duvet

"Cashmere guard hair is the perfect material for a winter duvet. I was expecting something puffy and fluffy, but it’s both slimmer and heavier than expected. The magic is in the heat regulation. Cosseting and cosy, but all entirely breathable. My wife and I both slept very well throughout an autumn that swung wildly between Mediterranean and Arctic conditions. If you want to feel special while you sleep, the Ava Innes is the one to go for."

What Makes Us Special

Sleep Wellness

Our bodies can lose up to one litre of water each night, while changes in temperature affect the quality of our sleep. Bedding is commonly made using polyfibres which work against our body, instead of with it. Our natural and patented bedding is designed to aid deep restorative sleep.

Cashmere & Wool

There is a little bit of natural magic in our fibres. Wool is antibacterial and breathable, automatically adjusting to hot or cool conditions whilst maintaining a free flow of air for optimal hygiene. It doesn't attract dust mites or bed bugs, and is resistant to odours. These natural properties make it a particularly good choice for anyone with allergies.

Natural Materials

Wool is one of the most sustainable and naturally regenerative fibres available. Nitrogen-rich, it nourishes soil as it breaks down unlike polyfibres which leave harmful microplastic traces in soil and waterways. Our wool is sourced from the Scottish Borders, travelling a short distance to Yorkshire where all our pillows are made.

Peaceful Sleep, Night After Night

In our recent survey, 93% of our customers said they were sleeping better under an Ava Innes duvet. With many referencing the temperature-regulating qualities, a number also commented on how cocooned they felt under our naturally weighted duvets.

Cashmere Guard Hair & Scottish Wool - The Dream Blend

At Ava Innes, we recognise the value of its luxurious, warmth and naturally weighted comfort. It is ideal for bedding, especially when complemented with the naturally soft, durable and hypoallergenic fibres of Scottish wool.


Shop by appointment, with personalised one-on-one guidance from our friendly team in Elgin.

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