Good Nature With Ava Innes

Good Nature With Ava Innes

At Ava Innes, we are passionate about sleep, cashmere and sustainability. More than ever we recognise that people will be experiencing disturbances to sleep caused by the difficult situation we are all in. We believe that good nature can help.

Good nature embraces fresh air, natural materials that breath and are less harmful to the environment, maintains regular exercise and creates the right space for a calm mind.

Creating time and space for exercise and fresh air in our everyday lives can help to alleviate stresses ensuring we feel more rested and relaxed. The relationship between sleep and physical health is one that goes hand in hand. By having a physically active lifestyle not only improves our overall health but also has a positive impact on our sleep too. Scientific studies indicate that physical exercise, even brisk walking, or vigorous housework, is linked to reduced levels of anxiety and stress. The positive impact of exercise on our mental as well as physical health is clear to see. The benefits of fresh air include gaining clarity in times of frustration as well as ‘blowing off the cobwebs’ to give us fresh perspectives.Furthermore, Vitamin D has long been linked to not only the physical health of our bones but also as a mood booster with scientific reports demonstrating the mental benefits of the vitamin as well. With the shorter days, many of us will find ourselves staying indoors more, but finding time to go for a walk outside is key to maintaining our physical and mental health this winter. In 2020, our homes have played a key role with so much more time at home than we would ever have imagined.

The environment we spend time in, particularly our bedrooms, can impact our feelings of calm and happiness, especially in these challenging times. By simplifying our environments and choosing natural comforting materials to surround ourselves with, will benefit our minds and bodies. A simple natural addition to calm your home, and your mind, that makes you feel good and brings peace and tranquillity, in times of tension will help.Taking time to relax is an important ritual many of us struggle to incorporate regularly. The constant media and news updates can make us feel overwhelmed, but by having regular rituals such as a hot bath, taking part in yoga or meditation or even simply pouring a cup of tea, can help us to stay in the present and enjoy a moment of calm to ourselves. Keeping regular sleeping hours whilst creating more structure to the day, will help us to feel more rested and relaxed too.Life is challenging for everyone right now. Take each day as it comes and give yourself some natural space to breath. Everyone deserves a good night’s sleep and good nature can help.

At Ava Innes we would like to help you to sleep better, sleep natural and when you can, sleep under our naturally weighted comforting cashmere guard hair and wool duvets and on our breathable wool pillows.