How to Keep Warm At Night This Winter

How to Keep Warm At Night This Winter


Whether you are an ice queen or a winter warrior, staying warm at home is on everyone's mind. We are all looking for ways to keep warm as we face rising energy costs.

It is still within living memory that few homes had central heating, relying on open fires, whilst layering up to conserve internal body heat. Our grandparents knew a thing or two about how to keep warm without heating. In recent times more people are turning to log burners or electric blankets to heat their homes, however this isn't always possible in some homes.

We can hear our grandparents words ringing in our ears,

“Put on another jumper/blanket”

“There is no such thing as bad weather, just inappropriate clothing.”

Keeping warm throughout the day is key, by layering up rather than becoming cold and then trying to re heat. Choose wool based clothing as this is naturally warm, as opposed to synthetic fibres.

The best way to stay warm during the night in winter is to add layers to your bed, natural wool blankets are best, this traps the air between the layers harnessing your own body heat.

Many people are searching for electric blankets as a source of heat, which can be costly to run. We can learn from our grandparents generation by

  • Adding layers below your sheet, this can be a mattress topper or a spare duvet or blanket.
  • Consider a cotton flannel bottom sheet.
  • The addition of a top sheet will add valuable warmth.
  • Higher tog or Winter duvet. An Ava Innes duvet will insulate yet breath making sure you do not over heat. (TOP TIP consider doubling up your duvet covers, instead of a top sheet if you do not have top sheets, this will add an light extra layer above too)
  • The addition of a wool or cashmere blanket will make a considerable difference.
  • Pop a hot water bottle, or two into your bed to pre heat, your body and the layers will do the rest.
  • Wear pyjamas and bed socks. Customers comment on how our cashmere bed socks keep their feet warm and cosy.
  • Cuddle up with your partner.