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Lavender helps you Sleep

Soft sumptuous cashmere lavender pillows helping you to relax.
Did you know that Lavender has been used all over the world for hundreds of years as a therapeutic treatment for ailments including stings, burns, anxiety and as a mild sedative? Recent scientific studies has found evidence to suggest lavenders benefits are not only anecdotal, in multiple control groups there have been improvements in deep sleep and cognitive function. These findings are still in the early stages but as any person suffering with perimenopausal / menopausal sleep can attest, good health and wellness starts and ends with a good night's sleep.
Struggling to sleep?
If you have been suffering with any sleep deprivation, either dropping off, staying asleep or full on insomnia, we recommend you consider trying lavender as part of your bedtime routine.
Our cashmere lavender pillows are luxuriously soft to the touch, full of fragrance and offer tranquillity. Available in cashmere woven in the best Scottish cashmere mills and hand made in Elgin.
These pillows can be used as a weighted eye mask to help you drift off to sleep or simply hold and cuddle to help you feel calm and at ease.