Let The Dreams Begin

Let The Dreams Begin

At Ava Innes we want our customers to experience the benefits of a good night’s sleep. Over the coming weeks we will be sharing what we have learned on our journey into the world of sleep. To begin with let’s look at dreams, our favourite benefit of sleep.

When we dream it is believed that we are processing events and emotions enabling us to improve out understanding of them.

Dreaming helps us learn. The processing of new information during the day can sometimes feel muddled or overloaded but after a good night’s sleep through our dreams, we will have organised much of the information and everything becomes much clearer the next day.

Dreaming can help us overcome our fears. They can be a safe space to experiment with our wakeful personal boundaries. As a child, you may have been afraid of the dark and have had nightmares about a monster coming out from under the bed. Gradually your real-life positive experiences of no monsters and your dreaming of how to deal with the said monster, allow you to overcome this irrational fear.

As an adult, it may be anxiety over a work situation, a romantic relationship, or a new emotional trauma but your nightly visit to dreamland will help you to develop coping strategies or resolve these issues.

Some scientists think that dreaming is part of the system of forming memories as if the brain has transferred all the data of the day and the dream process is our way of looking through it all and filing it into appropriate memory banks, which is perhaps why our dreams can jump from location to location or we can fly without wings, and transfer from one identity to another.

Lastly, dreaming is thought to help regulate our mood. For good sleepers this system of replaying old experiences with the new allows us to continually re-edit our sense of self and lessen negative emotion thus improving our quality of sleep and consequently the following waking hours.

Good quality dreams are important for our health and well-being. They come from a restful night’s sleep. Our Ava Innes duvets and pillows provide a better night’s sleep. This is what our customers tell us.