Reflecting On The Ava Innes Journey in 2023

Reflecting On The Ava Innes Journey in 2023

Reflecting on the journey as the sole founder of Ava Innes, our sustainable UK-made luxury bedding brand, has been incredibly rewarding. From the outset, the vision was clear: not just to create beautiful, high-quality natural duvets and pillows, but to make a tangible impact on people's lives, from our base here in Scotland.

Our commitment to sustainability is at the core of our brand. Crafting our products locally ensures a reduced carbon footprint, supporting UK manufacture and promoting ethical practices. It's a conscious choice that aligns with our belief in responsible business.

The most fulfilling aspect is the positive impact on sleep quality—our ultimate goal. It's heartening to know that 93% of our customers report better sleep after using our unique temperature-regulating cashmere and wool duvet and Scottish wool pillows. We were delighted that the Telegraph voted the Ava Innes unique patented duvet, Best Winter Duvet 2023, with a score of 9 /10.

The continuous flow of 5-star reviews from our customers is both humbling and inspiring. It reaffirms that our efforts to blend luxury with sustainability have struck a chord. Each positive review represents a well-rested customer, and that, to me, is the true measure of success.

As we look ahead to 2024 the journey continues with exciting developments on the horizon. The unwavering support from fellow entrepreneurs, friends, family, new acquaintances and the Scottish entrepreneurial eco system has been instrumental in reaching this point.

To all who have shared their experiences, left reviews, offered advice and believed in our mission, thank you. Your voices are driving the success of Ava Innes and the positive change we aim to bring to the world of sustainable luxury bedding.

Here's to more sustainable nights of rest and exciting ventures in the coming year! Wishing all a wonderful 2024.