Sustainability, circular economy and cashmere - how it all began.

Sustainability, circular economy and cashmere - how it all began.

I would like to tell you about Ava Innes…

Ava Innes grew out of a number of things: a growing awareness of climate change; a need to make better use of our natural resources and having spent over 20 years working with global luxury brands, I wanted to utilise my experience in the luxury textiles industry to do something positive.

While many people were focusing on recycling, which of course makes sense, I knew there was wastage early on in the supply chain that needed to be addressed.

Having identified a number of textile fibres ( including cashmere and silk ) considered “waste” and after months of trials and developments, it became clear there was so much potential with our chosen fibre and that surprisingly no one seemed to be using it at all, in value added textile products.

This was the beginning of a fascinating journey which has culminated in the development of Ava Innes. I set out to create a product that people would value and keep. With a growing distaste for fast fashion and passionate about UK manufacturing, I knew certain criteria had to be met.

After many conversations, cold calls, recommendations and trials the product started to take shape. Textiles is a traditional industry and innovation is key to survival. Thank you to all those who helped through giving advice and carrying out trials.

We have filed for Patent Protection.

This is not a process for the faint-hearted. In my experience, there have been multiple highs and lows, numerous applications to raise funding, preparing and giving presentations to a range of companies, gaining support along the way is a challenge, but whatever your belief, life has a way of throwing you curve balls. Positivity is core to my personal belief.

There are so many people who have supported me and who I wish to thank, but today I would like to recognise the organisations who helped me develop a better understanding of sustainability and the circular economy, along with building my entrepreneurial skills and without their support this idea would never have made it to market #AuroraGroupScot #ClimateKic #ECCI #HIE #ScottishEdge #innovateuk  #unlockingambition #MITEDP .