Keep Warm This Winter In Sustainable Luxury

Keep Warm This Winter In Sustainable Luxury


With the UK population focused on soaring energy costs coupled with the need for sustainability, Scottish-based, luxury bedding specialist Ava Innes has a solution that will have us all sleeping more soundly this winter.

Ava Innes duvets, manufactured solely in the UK, are filled with an innovative blend of cashmere and Scottish wool, and then enveloped in organic cotton.

This unique patented filling has temperature regulating properties through the natural keratin found in the cashmere and an astounding 93% of Ava Innes customers have reported they are sleeping better. (Survey Monkey Nov 21).

Inspired by over 20 years’ working in the global luxury textiles industry, Joan Johnston Founder, launched Ava Innes in 2019.

Aware of wastage within the textile industry, with only 30% of fibre brushed from cashmere goats suitable for knitting and weaving, Johnson identified that the remaining fibres, classified as cashmere guard hair, could be transformed into a unique sustainable fabric that has been recognised by the Intellectual Property Office as a new invention.

Johnson explained: “With the natural temperature regulating properties coupled with the different seasonal weights available, our customers can find the perfect combination to help them sleep better night after night.”

“By also creating a product that contributes to a growing sustainable circular economy, our customers have the opportunity to align with a brand that meets with their personal ethics, that is made in the UK.”

Along with the duvets, there are a range of accessories to keep cosy throughout the winter from cashmere socks and hot water bottle covers to beautiful blankets and throws. Their Scottish wool pillows source Cheviot sheep fleeces in the Borders of Scotland and the wool then travels less than 200 miles to be finished into soft layered pillows encased in organic cotton.  With the addition of a discrete zip, customers can adjust the layered wool to create the perfect pillow.

With the evidence growing as to the importance of sleep for our health and well-being and some going as far as dubbing it as the new “5-a-day”, Ava Innes duvets and accessories have all the right ingredients for a great night’s sleep.