Why wool pillows?

Why wool pillows?

Ava Innes wool pillows help you sleep better and this is why.

Wool is cool in summer and warm in winter, naturally adjusting by wicking moisture away, so you can sleep better. Wool is recognized for its temperature regulating qualities and is ideal inside a pillow or duvet. Encased in soft organic cotton, the wool is not in direct contact with skin.

From sheep to sleep in under 200 miles.

The Ava Innes pillows are made from pure Cheviot wool sourced from the Scottish Borders. The wool travels approx. 150 miles to Bradford to be cleaned and graded by British Wool. This facility is no longer available in Scotland. It stays in Yorkshire and travels the short distance to a small family mill where the wool is carded and encased in an organic cotton casing with a zip.

Our carbon footprint for making our wool pillows is low and we are proud of this.

Other wool pillow makers send their British wool to Eastern Europe for processing before returning it to the UK.

We choose to do good by doing better. We will continue to support Scottish farmers, UK manufacturing and stive to continually look for ways to improve our environmental credentials.

Enjoy your Ava Innes wool pillow - From Sheep to Sleep in under 200 miles.

Sleep better.