Luxury Super King Duvets


    Choose Ava Innes cashmere duvets to help you sleep better. 93% of Ava Innes duvet customers (in November 2021), said they were sleeping better as a result of the Ava Innes duvet. Our best duvet contains the dream blend of cashmere guard hair and British wool, ensuring you have a good nght's sleep. Encased in 100% certified organic cotton, our duvets are natural weighted, breathable, temperature regulating and machine washable also.

    Choose from our 'All Year Round', 'Light Summer' or 'Heavy Winter' collections to find your perfect duvet that will help you to achieve a great sleep night after night. 

    For those with differing temperature needs we offer bespoke duvet combinations ideal for couples in King and Super King sizes. We use ties and loops to connect the duvets to ensure you both achieve a great night’s sleep.

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