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With Ava Innes bedding, we believe that you will sleep better under our duvets and on our pillows.

Our unique naturally filled duvets and pillows have been found by our customers to help with temperature-regulation at night and improve their sleep. All our products are sustainable and UK made. For those with menopause symptoms, talk to us about how our duvets and wool filled pillows can help you to sleep better night after night.

Hear from our customers...

“I have an Ava Innes duvet and pillow-both of which I absolutely LOVE, I am a lady of a certain age and I can be VERY hot in bed, but my duvet seems to regulate my temperature-don’t know how, but it just does!”

Mrs Rice, June 2020

“To all the menopausal women out there- go get yourself a wool pillow from Elgin based Ava Innes. My night sweats are so much less since I started using my wool pillow, as it keeps my head and face at a nice temperature. I can’t do anything about my body’s dodgy thermostat, but the pillow has helped massively.”

Lisa Miele, June 2020

“I wasn’t sure that I would actually notice a difference, but we definitely have! We both sleep better”

Caroline Dunbar, Duffus Estate, February 2020