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Want To Sleep Better? Take the Ava Innes Duvet Trial

Ava Innes Duvet Menopause Trial


 Ava Innes Duvet Menopause Trial


 Comments by the early testers of the Ava Innes duvet trial-

"Sleeping more soundly" Respondent 1

"Not experiencing the same temperature fluctuations" Respondent 4

"I slept all night long for the first time in a year" Respondent 7


Struggling to sleep? Over 60% of women experience sleep disturbance during the menopause particularly due to over-heating. Our unique, patented filling is shown to have temperature regulating properties and 93% of our customers say they are sleeping better. (Survey Monkey Nov 21)

So why not sign up for the Ava Innes Duvet Trial giving you the chance to experience sleeping under cashmere at home with no obligation to purchase. In return we would love to get your feedback using our Ava Innes Sleep survey.

There is a refundable deposit paid at the start of the trial.
No obligation to purchase with pre-paid returns.
Discount on the full price of duvet at the end of the trial.




I‘m Joan the Founder of Ava Innes. We are a new Scottish brand passionate about sleep, cashmere and sustainability. In my fifties I understand how lack of sleep can impact aspects of our daily lives.

We believe our new patented duvet and Scottish wool pillows can help, due to the temperature regulating qualities of the natural fibres used. We are looking for ladies across the UK to test our light summer cashmere duvet over a week and simply feedback on how you sleep. To see how others have found our patented duvet, you can read the 5 star reviews on our website, .

If you are interested in taking part in this trial, please sign up in link below.

***If you are not menopausal but suffer from nighttime overheating, you are welcome to complete the trail also.

Very best,


Joan Johnston 
Founder, Ava Innes


 Ava Innes Duvet Menopause Trial