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Sleep Better During The Menopause-Trial an Ava Innes Duvet

Ava Innes Menopause Trial Cashmere Wool Duvet



93% of Ava Innes duvet customers said they slept better under the patented Ava Innes cashmere duvet, in a survey carried out in November 2021. The qualities listed included the temperature regulating nature of the natural fibres used, along with the comforting weight of this unique duvet.


Hear what customer say:

“A little piece of cashmere magic. There actually is no comparison. It feels light as a feather but cosy and snug at the same time, and it has totally regulated my night time overheating!” Morag M

“Love this duvet! We liked the fact that the duvet had an equal spread of filling. We both absolutely loved it and slept very well.” Mr R


Ava Innes would like to carry out additional research and are looking for ladies who struggle with night-time overheating to test our unique cashmere guard hair / wool duvet.



I‘m Joan the Founder of Ava Innes. We are a new Scottish brand passionate about sleep, cashmere and sustainability. In my fifties I know how disruptive hot flushes can be, particularly interrupting quality sleep and the impact this has on our daily lives. We believe our new duvet and Scottish wool pillows can help. We are looking for 30 ladies across the UK to test our light summer cashmere duvet over a week and simply feedback on how you sleep. You can read the 5 star reviews on our website, to see how others have found our patented duvet.

If you are interested in taking part in this trial, please sign up in link below.

Very best,


Joan Johnston 
Founder, Ava Innes


Ava Innes Cashmere Duvet Menopause Trial