Buy Better Buy Less

Buy Better Buy Less

How often should I replace my duvet?

At Ava Innes, we believe a duvet should last 5 years and more if cared for properly. Some organisations such as The Sleep Council and the Good House Keeping Institute recommend every 2- 5 years, depending on the type of duvet and your personal usage.

To keep your bedding fresh, we recommend hanging it on the line on a sunny day, letting the fresh air through. Natural sunlight and fresh air works wonder’s on keeping your duvet smelling fresh and reducing the amount of laundering it will need.

What is the best duvet?

There are so many different options to choose from when buying a duvet and often people make their decision based on price. It is important to understand what is in the duvet and the impact it will have on the quality of your sleep. After all a good night's sleep can make such a difference to our health.

Below we have answered questions that customers have previously asked to give a little clarity.

I do not want a duvet that will be too hot or encourage night sweats.

Avoid man-made fibres such as polyester and microfiber, which originate from oil and will heat up, while taking a long time to cool down. Natural wool fibre filled duvets are better for temperature regulation and this is why 93% of Ava Innes duvet customers sleep better citing the temperature regulating quality of the Ava Innes duvet.

I do not want a duvet that needs replaced in 2 years.

Generally, if you invest in a better-quality duvet, it should last you 5 years or more if looked after and not over laundered. We recommend buy better buy less.

I do not want a duvet that will exploit or harm the environment, people or animals.

Consider the materials used within your duvet. Feather duvets are popular, however few people realise that birds die for the feathers used in feather and down duvets. Avoid micro fibres that originate from oil and are pollutants onour planet.

At Ava Innes we use cashmere guard hair and wool which are regenerative fibres. This means the fleece grows back every year as part of the natural cycle. Most goats and sheep survive for 12 years. The Ava Innes duvet is encased in organic cotton and made in Yorkshire.

Like Vivienne Westwood, Mary Portas and Patrick Grant, we believe in buy better buy less.

Invest in an Ava Innes duvet for a better night’s sleep- natural , temperature-regulating, encased in organic cotton and made in Yorkshire.

93% of the Ava Innes customers are sleeping better. (Survey Nov. 21)