Ava Innes Recognised For Sustainable Development in Paris

Ava Innes Recognised For Sustainable Development in Paris

The concept behind Ava Innes began 6 years ago when Joan Johnston, left the traditional textile industry to create a sustainable product making better use of our natural resources. Passionate about making in the UK and using natural fibres, after many trials, the Ava Innes unique cashmere guard hair and wool duvet was created.

Shortlisted for the Blue Patch Circular Economy Award and the Sustainable Innovation Award 2021, the team at Ava Innes continue to develop new products, with strong sustainable credentials.

This week we have been awarded grant funding from the Royal College of Art to develop an exciting new product designed to keep people warm, driven by innovation and made in the UK using natural materials. More to follow on this later.

We are delighted to be featured in the upcoming UK Fashion and Textiles exhibition at Premier Vision in Paris on 5th-7th July. Find out more.