Can't Sleep At Night?

Can't Sleep At Night?

When we struggle to stay asleep due to temperature fluctuations and night sweats we understandably move around more.  

Legs in, Legs out, covers up, covers down, flipping pillows to the cool side, getting up to the loo, open the window, close the window, mind racing, worrying about how little sleep you and your partner are getting and what time the alarm will go off! Sound familiar?

For those in their menopause years, this of course is frustrating and exasperates an already nightmarish cycle of symptoms. Unfortunately it can also be troublesome for our partners who’s sleep is also disturbed with our nightly dilemmas. Lack of sleep can cause emotions to become fraught, and when it is a nightly occurrence relationships can suffer. 

Whilst we cannot magic your symptoms away we can offer a solution with our customer approved bedding.

Many of our customers have opted for the SUMMER LIGHT Cashmere and wool duvet, to use as an all year duvet. We also offer the option of having ties on the duvet  (King & Super King) so that an additional light duvet or a single can be added to one side

Customers have been pleasantly surprised that both sleepers have reported the BEST night’s sleep for months.  


“The craftsmanship of the product is second to none and a strong indication of a premium product. I have never known a duvet to fit so perfectly in a duvet cover! We both like the fact that the filling is evenly distributed and doesn’t clump. The balance of it is comforting to sleep under. The single add on is a great feature because we both have different preferences. 

We are both very pleased with the product and definitely feel the benefit of a luxury item. “ 


We believe this is due to our (Patent protected) unique filling, of cashmere guard hair blended with Scottish wool. The filling is an active fibre which responds to each individual’s body temperature and the microclimate created between body and bedding.  

The medical journal WEBMD has an interesting read with recommendations,