Sleep Better During The Menopause.

Sleep Better During The Menopause.

Struggling to sleep during the menopause?


Over 60% of women experience sleep disturbance during the menopause particularly due to night time hot flashes. Our customers tell us that our unique patented duvet, has temperaure regulating qualities with 93% of Ava Innes duvet customers say they are sleeping better. (Survey Monkey Nov 21)

In our recent trials (Dec -Feb 23), specifically with menopausal ladies, the first results show an outstanding 8/10 menopausal women found an improvement in their sleep, so much so, 7 bought the duvet. They cite the temperature regulating nature of the duvet, using the unique combination of 65% Cashmere Guard Hair / 35% Wool, encased in organic cotton and made in the UK.

Some comments from those menopausal ladies who tried the Ava Innes duvet

  • “Sleeping more soundly”.
  • “Warm without causing sweating”.
  • “Not experiencing the same temperature fluctuations”.
  • “I slept all night long for the first time in a year”.

Want to sleep better? Take our duvet trial.

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